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Limited Availability. Start Planning Your Project Today!

Brand films for the creative at heart!

Video Branding

"I want my brand to look and feel luxurious"
 "I want my marketing to be affective and attention grabbing"
"I want my clients and my audience to know who I am and what I'm about."


The Branding 

Do you find yourself saying any one of these sentences?


We’ll take this time to get to know each other, do a thorough consultation about your vision for your company, and then talk about filming secrets that will help us make your vision a reality. If we connect and are able to provide all that you're looking for, then we can move forward with an easy-to-understand booking agreement that’s tailored to your specific needs! 

meeting + planning

And so our journey begins by finding your voice and what you want to say. This is where we come together via Zoom or Skype and combine ideas and  create a storyline that we will physically write/draw out in order for us to stay organized and effective. We'll also use this time to confirm your shoot date and determine if we need multiple days. We'll prep you for filming by talking about all the do's and don'ts for film day, what to wear and what to expect from us how we work.

Story Boarding

The week before film day, we will do a rehearsal via Zoom or Skype to go over and rehearse script, vision,  and the storyboard. This is also the perfect time to make any necessary tweaks and to make sure everyone involved knows exactly what's going to happen and how and when!


It's the first day of filming
and it’s about…to go…down!
All of the hard work put into planning, storyboarding, and rehearsing has come together and we will see the
awesome and unique results!
We'll have so much fun and our team will be coaching you the entire time! 
Depending on the complexity and extensiveness of the project we may have multiple fun days of filming! 

Filming Day

After all the filming is finished, the editing begins! This is where the storyboarding takes shape into physical form! And your vision comes to life! The length of this process solely depends on the deadline and the amount of footage and the complexities of the project. We'll give you updates, progress reports, and go over the footage. Everything will be delivered online for your to easily download. Flash drives and external hard drives  are available at an additional cost. 

Editing + Delivery


3-5 hours of filming
all of our equipment
1-2 crew member

6-8 hours of filming
all of our equipment
1-2 crew member

Quarterly Subscription is our most popular customized option
This includes:
 half/full day of filming (minimum 4)
Base Editing Rate
Project Storage/Online Delivery
Project minimum: 8,000


Rates + Options + Breakdown


Half-Day (1200) 

Full day (1800)

Rates do NOT include additional editing, rental fees, or anything else your project may needs for the shoot that's not included in you gear list.

Gear List

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Thank you!

I'm excited to get to know you and to start elevating your brand! I will contact you within 24-48 hours!